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Attraction Marketing Formula

Knowledge is only potential power. It becomes power only when and if it is geared into definite plans of action, directed to a definite end!!

I encourage you to read that quote again!  

Over the course of my time in the network marketing industry I have invested over $100K in various books, courses and mentoring programs.  I have worked with many amazing mentors.

The mentor I would like to introduce you to here is Ferny Cebellos, Chief Marketing Officer of Elite Marketing Pro and the author of the “Attraction Marketing Formula”.

I still remember the day I put aside my skepticism, signed up for the free Attraction Marketing Bootcamp and subsequently bought the book - the Attraction Marketing Formula.

That single click changed the course of my business and my life … forever!

What I discovered through the book was …

I can use the Internet to automate my lead generation and recruit more reps.   Now that was a concept that caught my fancy.  A busy mum with five kids, I absolutely hated running all over town, meeting people and attending events all in the name of building my business. 

The most valuable concept I learnt right from the beginning is about developing multiple streams of income and doing it on the Internet!   If you want to be successful and earn 6 or 7 figures then you have got to learn how to provide value to all your prospects and earn money in exchange, even if they don’t join your network marketing business.

I can recruit online by providing information because 92% of the people online are looking for information to solve their problem.  You will learn how to lead with the problem.

The real asset in the business is YOU … your face, your personality, your enthusiasm, your confidence, your experience.  Learn to brand yourself … you can learn the skills in the Attraction Marketing Formula.

Your laundry and the Internet don’t have much in common but there are lessons to be learned nonetheless.   The concept of the pipeline and how you can build one to your advantage.  

How to inspire your prospects and have them coming back for more

If that was all the book was about I am sure you would agree that there was great value just there.   But what would be the use of all that information if you did not know how to find your ideal prospect????

Never fear …. you learn that as well.  With nearly 290 million users on the internet in the United States alone as of 2016 finding those who might be interested in you and what you have to offer could be like finding the proverbial needle in the haystack!!

Here is that Napoleon Hill quote again ….

Knowledge is only potential power. It becomes power only when and if it is geared into definite plans of action, directed to a definite end!!

And it is the definite plan of action, outlined step by step in this book that will give you the skills to turn that knowledge into power. 

Now that you have entered the minefield of the internet there is still so much to learn and guess what …. its all there for you in the “Attraction Marketing Formula”. 

Consider it your manual to generating a 6 figure income without leaving home!!

The best part is that is comes with free coaching over the phone …. now that is value!

Your coach will guide you as you implement the strategies in the book and is there to answer your questions.

You have two options :

Sign up for the free bootcamp first by clicking below

                        Or you can fast track your success by buying the book