About Me – Suzanne Balen

With all I have experienced and the sacrifices I have made it is now my passion to help women and mothers all over the world to reclaim their lives and grow into amazing role models for their children!

Hello & Welcome!  I am an entrepreuner, risk taker and mother of five.  

I am passionate about helping you uncover your true potential and live the life of your dreams!

Of European heritage I was born and raised in India with a restless spirit that wouldn't settle.  I had a dream to be free, to travel, to experience all the richness that life has to offer.  This quest took me from a secure job and a very comfortable life to Dubai - UAE, Australia, South Africa and finally back to Australia - the country that I now call home. 

I often get asked "How on earth did you manage all this with five children?" 
Well, if the truth be told it was not easy, but it was my desire to offer my family a better future that was my driving force.  

You see, if you want something badly enough you will always find a way.

After 14 years climbing the corporate ladder with all its politics I walked away to start a traditional small business. 

 I wanted to escape the politics and I wanted to be in control.
What I discovered was that I had simply replaced my corporate job with a job that I owned.  With full responsibility for the outcomes I had even less time for my family and the politics remained ... with the staff .. and the onus to resolve them rested with me!

I figured a fanchise .. a cookie cutter system ... was the answer.  

Well, that was another rabbit hole!  You buy the licence and pay the royalties irrespective of whether you are in profit or not.  Fortunately, I never opened for business and I walked away before I was trapped.

The downside of all of this was the lack of quality time with my children.

Outside of evenings, weekends and holidays, it was baby sitters, day care centers and after school care.  These were the people who influenced my children in their formative years.  Was I successful?  Absolutely!  But at a price.

It was when I was invited to collaborate on a New York Times best seller titled "Wake Up! Live The Life You Love" that I started soul searching and looking for a better way.  

A way that could fulfil my entrepreunerial desires without compromising time with my family.
 Enter network marketing!  It was love at first sight!!  

Network marketing gives you the freedom to learn, grow and develop into a leader.  It is a platform for personal development with a business attached.  However, network marketing built the traditional way will still take you away from your family.

 Fortunately for you, in today's digital age you can harness the power of the internet and build your business online.  

Connect with me to find out how we can work together to achieve your dreams....


When I am not travelling, I can be found building my business online, spending time with my children and new grand-daughter, playing with my horses, bush walking and kyaking.  My children have inherited my love of adventure and adrenalin sports.  They sky dive, base jump, rock climb, speed ski, snow board, go deep sea diving and fishing.  I have jumped out of an aircraft with them to celebrate a milestone birthday and I have followed their adventures with admiration tinged with fear!

If you want to live life to the fullest contact me on suzanne (at) suzannebalen (dot) com